How to get started with Lights slots?

Online casino lovers are in for a bright experience as Lights slots offer just the right visuals and sound surrounding the players with lanterns, Yin Yang and a completely oriental theme. The game offers a break from the regular slot games with its unique and mesmerizing backdrop. With every spin, the wilds float on symbols giving an impression of fireflies and the player’s aim is getting these at winning combinations.

The game is composed of fixed 9 bet lines and 5 reels that allow you to get winning combinations. The bet range varies from 0.01 to 1.00 and the players can wager maximum 10 coins per line. The fireflies keep swarming your slot and land between 2 and 4 symbols turning them into Wilds. The game is easy to play with soothing music and excellent graphics. You can get rewarding payout if you manage to get four or five matching symbols on a line.

The jackpot is held by the Red Lantern symbol and some lucky combinations can get you straight to it. Here are best advice about how to keep yourself in safety.

The options like Coin Value, Max bet and AutoPlay are a common sight and easy to locate as is the case with other NetEnt games. One big win on the reels and your whole screen lights up with the fireflies floating around making Lights slots an appealing game.

Lights slots can be found on all leading PCs and devices running on Android and iOS giving casino lovers a Zen-like experience on all-sized screens.

In-game Features and Symbols: As the dusky ambience turns into night, more features and bonuses are unlocked keeping the game interesting while ensuring big wins.

Floating Wilds: When you begin the game, wilds are not found anywhere on the reel but as you hit the spin button, the fireflies enter your screen. The fireflies leave by giving two to four wilds and naturally, maximum wins are obtained when you receive four Wilds. These Wilds can substitute all the other symbols on the reel except the scatter symbol.

Yin Yang Scatter Symbol: The scatter symbols let you score free spins with 3, 4 and 5 scatters anywhere on the reel unlocking 10, 20 and 30 free spins respectively. This feature also lets the players get 3 to 6 wilds instead of the regular 2 to 4 wilds and is certainly going to rain profit. If you’re lucky to get more scatters, you will earn more spins that will surely get your balance high.

Is Lights slots worth trying?

The game steals the player’s attention with captivating theme and brilliant gameplay. This one offers a soothing play and is definitely worth trying letting players drift to the Asian land. If you are one of the relaxed and casual players, you will definitely love the whole gaming experience as the developers have made sure that every aspect of Lights slots matches the Far East concept. The game promises big wins with the right winning combinations and the magical theme leaves an ever-lasting effect on your mind.


Progressive jackpots are one of the biggest draws in the online casino industry because they offer the chance to win a life-changing sum of money for pressing a button on a single wager. While the chances of winning are usually pretty long, putting in enough bets will give you better overall odds to win in many cases, and that seems to have been what happened for a player named Hali S. from Quebec, Canada.


This player was able to take down a total winning streak of $63,127. A total of $47,950 was won in a single spin, but it’s unclear if this was on the progressive jackpot or through regular wins. We would guess it was through the progressive and that the rest of the over $15,000 in winnings came from regular play, but we could be wrong. The point is that Hali was able to take down some pretty significant winnings on a slot that has gotten a lot of attention since it was released: Dragons.


The Dragons online slot is a game that has a lot of special effects that really draw in the player. It’s one of the more visually appealing games we’ve seen in a while as far as games go that have a lot of action. Action is definitely the name of the game with Dragons between its progressive jackpot and the ability to win some pretty significant payouts outside of that. It has strong gameplay otherwise as well, though its high volatility might be a little off-putting for certain types of slots fans. However, if you prefer to go big or go home, this is a game you’ll really enjoy.


Bodog Casino seems to have a new big winner in the news every week or so, and that’s not surprising considering the huge following they have and the wide range of games that they offer from multiple software providers. This is a site that prides itself on giving players a high-quality experience, and that’s why everything from their promotions to their game selection is up there with some of the best in the industry. Come try the Dragons slot and the rest of their games, and you could be the next big winner on the news wire.

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