A 3D printer I have seen a lot, but an edible print? This is seriously my first time ever heard of it.Synapsis Enterprise will be demonstrating 3D printing by their newly developed technology for Closed Loop DC motor. They will be coming to our Penang Mini Makers Faire on 15th & 16th October 2016.

Their exhibition in faire will be collected printing and Modular Closed Loop Stepper / DC motor system.

The unique chocolate printing is using their modified DIY Mendelmax printer to extrude a chocolate paste that will print random names on the surface of muffin or bread. This is edible and is given away by them for FREE to all visitors.

While for modular closed loop stepper/DC motor, we will demonstrate that this stepper motor is able to avoid slipping when there is obstruction in its path by automatically increasing its torques. This application is the solution to 3d printer skip steps as well as CNC router.

A lot of creativity I have seen over there and this is a short blog post really makes me hungry.

For more information, please visit their website: