A colleague of mine told me he is already 80 years young, but he is yet very passionate with what he has made. I am not able to reach him by his handphone as he does not carry them with him all the time. If I need to see him, I will have to call his house.

Wheel caps turned into artwork

Mr Khoo and the Wheel caps he collected and re-made into nice artwork

Another things is, he is very protective of his work. When he passed his work to me, one message is – to take good care of it.

Figurine made out of rattan - I am sure no else

Figurine made out of rattan – I am sure nowhere else in other Maker Faires have this

Anyway, we have many very young passionate makers in the coming Penang Mini Maker Faire, but Mr Khoo is definitely one of the older one.

Figurine 2

Figurine 2

If you are at the Penang Mini Maker Faire, please make sure to have a photo taken with him as I am pretty sure he will be there all the time.