Arduino board presentation

This presentation is suitable for people who are interested in making your own Arduino board, have written Arduino sketches, and have electronics background.

The presentation begins with an explanation of how the Arduino UNO board works, then demonstrate how to run Arduino sketches with only the Atmel328P microcontroller, a crystal, and a couple of capacitors. The function of all the pins on Atmel328P are explained as well as how the Atmel32P pins are connected to the Arduion board. The presentation will continue with explaining how the Arduino board is powered, and making your own Arduino board. Two examples of Arduino boards designed for specific purposes will be used for demonstrations in this presentation.

Ardunio + Zigbee presentation

The following is the writeup for the Ardunio + Zigbee presentation:

This presentation is suitable for people who would like to work on Zigbee devices, interface Xbee with Arduino, and have written some Arduino sketches.

The presentation begins with explanation of Zigbee topologies, the different Xbee series, and the different types of Xbee modules. The two Xbee modes of operation, API and Transparent modes, are explained. X-CTU will be used to demonstrate how to read and change the Xbee settings, followed by communicating and controlling Xbee module over the air. DYI Xbee devices will be used in the demonstrations for controlling lighting and power plug for Home Automation.

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