KakiDIY is an online space for DIY enthusiasts to collaborate, share and provide services to others. The name KakiDIY is a direct translation from a Malaysian slang “Kaki” means Buddy and also a Hokkien slang which sounds like “Yourself”. The meaning is synonymous with DIY so it was chosen to be the ‘brand’ for the site.

Recycle, Reduce and Reuse are the core of KakiDIY’s projects. Here are some examples of making things from things you see around you.


Recycle :

Recycling old used items which usually been thrown away as wastes. KakiDIY made simple storage containers out of Floppy Disks, Cubicle racks out of Cardboard Boxes and Stationery Holders out of paper drink carriers.


Reduce :

Many ways of reducing carbon footprint. What is healthier than cycling as a transport and what if the bicycle is battery operated and self chargeable via solar power? KakiDIY modified this foldable A-framed bicycle just to do that. Show cased in the recent car-free morning in KL, These bikes can go 10km distance @ a top speed of 30km/h in a single charge!


Reuse :

Many household and industrial items can be reused. Silica Gel for example can be fried and reused again and again. Usable for camera dry boxes and other electronic gadget storage.



Like these ideas? KakiDIY will be making it’s Maker Faire debut with more of these DIYs and will have a fun photo booth for visitors to have a little commemorative Maker Faire souvenir uploaded directly to Facebook at our booth. Also some fun activities for kids and adults alike.

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