By Aidil Jazmi

I wanted to start this project in 2010 when I began playing with AVR and accelerometer. But somehow I got distracted and the project died. In mid 2013, somebody reminded me of this and I immediately embraced arduino to finish the project. By September 2013, I had the first scooter working.

Since then, I had a lot of feedback saying that the first model (mki) was not very practical due to its width. A second one was developed with a better packaging. In the beginning, mkii had similar steering stick mechanism as mki, with me improving the usability further with Bluetooth capability added so that it can be steered with PS3 navigation controller and this model was dubbed mkiii.

For the faire, it is planned that both models, mki and mkiii will be displayed and demonstrated. What I will showcase during the Penang Mini Maker Faire is to have some friends to participate and ride the machines. Enthusiastic visitors (kids and adults) are welcomed to try it as well!

I will be there to answers questions and probably have some posters to inform visitors on the principles behind the machines.

A video of me riding mki:


A video on mkiii


Other than these, I do plan to display another of my project. It is a computer built fully from TTL logic. It has been awhile since 2006 I showcased this which was my final year project. It is a clone of Magic-1 which you can read about it here The Magic-1 computer was exhibited in Maker Faire in Bay Area by the creator so I thought it would be appropriate to do the same here. You can read about the project here :