So we are not the center for leatherwares in Penang. But we have a good diverse background of creativity too.

TaNeedleArt Handmade is personal inspiration by Citra Cham Pi where love, passion and creativity placed into each handmade item.

The handmade item include various types of bags, flowers, pillows and key chains.


Probably the trend now, making your own bags!

You can find unique differences in each handmade item that is really worth admiring.

Besides she’ll be conducting some hands on activities as well at her booth.

Some of her best work can be found here.


Kids will love this!


A good use for printed newspapers?

When you are at Penang Mini Maker Faire, make it a point to check her booth out and make sure you learn something from her. Get ready with some cash to buy some of her items as souvenirs as well, that is if she is selling!