Penang Maker Faire is expecting FlashForge-SG and Mēkā from Singapore who are collaborating to showcase the best of their products at SPICE on 15 and 16 November 2014. According to them, they are especially excited at the prospect of making new friends, catching up with the Malaysia 3D printing community and lastly the wonderful food from Gurney Drive!

FlashForge-SG will be showcasing a wide range of prints made from their 3D printers. FlashForge-SG believes that every print evokes a different emotion and creativity of its creator. You may have seen their prints posted weekly on their facebook page @ but this is the opportunity to personally feel the prints, scrutinize the prints and also see how they have incorporated other techniques (led lights, painting, custom finish etc.) in making their prints unique.

At the core of every successful 3D print is the filament source. Together with Mēkā, prints involving cutting edge filament technology such as Carbon Fibre PLA, Flexible filaments, wood and clay infused filament will be showcased.

Besides showcasing their existing prints, visitors will also be able to see how they perform effortless dual-extrusion printing and other printing techniques that are only viable on a dual-nozzle system.

Some of the key prints that would be showcased are shown below:

3D printer GE Jet Engine design

3D printer GE Jet Engine design

high resolution 3D print

High Resolution of a 3D print – Superman bust


Olaf will be there. Who knows, Elsa as well?

HALO helmet

HALO helmet

3D bracelet

This 3D bracelet showcases the precision of the printer, where this whole articulated bracelet is printed in one piece

Many other prints from the following categories will be also showcased:

  •  Prints using Flexible filament
  • Prints using wood and clay infused filament
  • Prints using Carbon Fibre PLA
  • Dual Extrusion Prints
  • Surprise print specially rushed out for the Faire (hint hint, a worthy companion to the HALO helmet)