Our neighbor country Thailand young makers will be coming to our Penang Mini Maker Faire on 15 &16 October 2016. ST Maker Club lead by  Pathanin Kiniman will be showcased total of 6 projects.

1.Scooter : Auto move while riding and stop when finding an object in front of it.
2.Change Water Machine : Change brackish water to fresh water.
3.Pet Robot : Pet under your spell using the mobile application.
4. Co-Skate: Can move by itself without manual force.
5. Happy Trash: It feels happy when you throw rubbish into it.
6. Transporter Robot: Help you carry things around.

They have made an introduction video just for you. Come and visit their booth. Perhaps they will tell you some inspired story behind each of their projects.

Get your online tickets for the faire here! Link: http://pmmf2016.peatix.com/