A childhood dream no longer a dream when it be can fulfill. When you grow up, what will you be? Here’s an interesting journey maker about Tze Jin from WeMaker:

As a kid, I always love stuff that light up (Battle ship control panel !!) and all those colorful light setup always make me very happy.
As a maker, I also make quite a lot of simple and crazy LED projects, below are some of them that I have done over the last few months.

Acrylic LED Light Stand

Acrylic is a wonderful material to work with because it easily available, easy to process with CNC or Laser and very high transparency. And one of the fun aspect of acrylic material is the high internal reflection that enables us to do edge lit display like this.

The above project was done in 30 min for a laser cutting workshop, we showcase how to design a vector line for laser cutting and then import a bitmap image to do raster engraving on acrylic. Then we use a Arduino UNO R3 and the Adafruit Neopixel Shield (an 8×5 WS2812 programmable LED shield) to showcase how to edge lit the acrylic panel.

led-strip-display-2 led-strip-display
LED Strip Display

Lighting up a LED strip is fun, but can we combine a few LED strips together and use them to display picture or word? WeMaker explore this option and we come out a very cost effective way to run a 2000pcs of LED and use it as the display for SDCC launch event.

The above project was done with the help from KakiDIY and SVTMaker, we have tons of fun soldering lot of LED and putting them together using DIY material. The main controller is a 32 Bit Cortex-M4 Teensy. We learn a lot on timing control and power requirement on how to properly design a high speed LED circuit. This lead to a few more LED matrix projects later on.

Low Cost Arduino LED Matrix

Is there any easier and cheaper way to run a LED matrix display? Sure, there are tons of LED display you can purchase from shop nowadays, but they are quite expensive and you can’t do anything much about it other than the feature their software provided. I happen to have access to some factory rejected 16×32 LED matrix display, so I went ahead and build a low cost battery powered LED display using the low cost china clone Arduino.

The LED panel is mounted on a 3D printed frame where we also design the mounting hole for the Arduino Uno as well. Then we split the power output from the power bank to both Arduino and LED panel and using the Arduino Library from Adafruit. Apparently my cat loves bling bling LED display as well 😀

Animated GIF Display

Combining the 2 project above, how about we build a low cost open source LED display that we can program using Arduino code? Thus, the animated GIF Display was born.

This prototype is able to drive a 32×32 or 64×64 LED panel, and then read the GIF file that store in SD card and display onto the screen. I am currently still working on this project to create a nicer looking enclosure and adding more feature and hopefully can sell the as a programmable LED display kit.

Project Bolt was the collaboration between Jun Ong the artist, SVTMaker and WeMaker. We set our goal to build an interactive Big LED structure and display in Marina Bays and now in Bangsar.

The prototype was built using wood stick and we tested our Arduino setup on it. After that we assembled the 5-meter-tall structure and all the LED tube. The Structure is run on 8 Arduino Nano as Slave and 1 Arduino Nano as Master using the super long I2C connection to trigger the LED tube.

He will be joining our faire on this coming 15th & 16th October 2016. Want to know more about his project? Visit his WeMaker facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/wemaker.asia