This is one of the Maker Faire’s favourite workshop. Come learn to solder a blinking LED lights then take it back home for free! Soldering is no longer just for electrical graduates or techie but for everyone from who love building electronic projects to fixing wires at home. From kids to adults, from beginner to expert who wants to solder, don’t miss this workshop. Check us out at the Penang Mini Maker Faire 2014 at sPICE on 15th – 16th Nov.

Learn how to Solder

 You will learn:

–        Soldering basic techniques

–        Soldering components unto printed circuit board (PCB)

–        Identify the components and parts

–        Safety tips

–        …and have fun!

 Learn to solder workshop is organized and sponsored by Bernard Hiew and a dedicated of enthusiastic engineers. Electronic assembly kits is designed by Vincent Kok, graduate from USM.