iMakerzone’s showcase

Penang Mini Maker Faire will be expecting iMakerzone, a pioneer 3D printing startup in Malaysia to showcase their latest 3D printing technology and premium 3D printed products at SPICE on 15 and 16 November 2014. iMakerzone is a trailblazer within the 3D printing industry – its fledging site, is the world’s leading crowd-sourced 3D design platform, a symbiotic arrangement where budding designers may nurture their skills and wallets with a ready market for their wares and consumers in turn may hire them at a pocket-friendly rate. The company also provides 3D printing and 3D design services to SMEs, creating gifts and souvenirs as well as organising and hosting 3D printing events and basic workshops for budding creators. iMakerzone also pioneers the largest 3D printing community in Malaysia, 3D Printing Malaysia and this community is part of Project Renaissance, Mindvalley’s movement –

iMakerzone is especially excited to be part of Penang Mini Maker Faire to share the knowledge and experience that they have acquired over the past two years of being in the 3D printing industry in Malaysia. They would also like to encourage fellow makers and 3D printing enthusiast to join the 3D Printing Malaysia ( facebook group where more than 700 active members are sharing 3D printing related news and updates from all over the world.

iMakerzone are also actively involved in 3D printing competitions and challenges in Malaysia where budding designers, university students, 3D printing fans, etc can upload a sketch or 3D model on and they will have a chance to win a 3D printer worth RM8,000! The top 10 finalist will also get their 3D models printed and this competition is already ongoing. There will be another 3D printing challenge coming up where those who join will have a chance to win prize money by just submitting a sketch of their idea on

iMakerzone is also looking to launch the first 3D Printing Hackathon in Malaysia in year 2015 and are now conducting polls to gauge the demand for such an event from the public. To get further updates on the 3D Printing Hackathon, do follow iMakerzone’s facebook page is .

iMakerzone also produces awesome 3D printed products where some of them are integrated with electronics and produced in full colour. They also provide 3D printing services with numerous different materials such as ABS, PLA, HIPS, Nylon, wood, Poly Carbonate(PC), rubberlike, glow in the dark, transparent, etc. There are also many options for finishing such as spray, chrome, shiny polish, metal-like finishing, etc. iMakerzone also produces unique gifts and souvenirs such as their very own Lightfoto which will be displayed at the Penang Mini Maker Faire as below.

Iron Man Arc

Iron Man arc reactor integrated with electronics powered by 5V USB supply

Full color 3D printed monster

Full colour 3D printed monster(skyrim)

Screenshot 2014-10-11 20.44.22

3D printed Harley Davidson skull cap

Screenshot 2014-10-11 20.44.41

3D printed prototype of a proposal ring for a client

Screenshot 2014-10-11 20.44.52

Gigantic shower head as a props

Screenshot 2014-10-11 20.45.05

2D graphic produced into a 3D printed model (Monster from the movie Blade)

Designer :


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  1. Can you please advise where I can find the information about such events for 2015? I have found this page – It definitely contains a lot of events, but I guess still mini fairs like this are still missing in their list.


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