Circle of Light

This is a fun photo-taking opportunity with a light painting of a famous icon or avatar (e.g. batman logo, hello kitty) of the user’s own choosing. The painting is created with LEDs using a persistence of vision technique.

Long description:
We are creating an interactive installation which runs along the concept of an entertainment photo booth. The user chooses an iconic image such as Hello Kitty or Mario the plumber from a computer screen which will then be created as a live persistence of vision (pov) image using leds. The leds consist of a strip of lights mounted on a windmill-like structure which will rotate the leds to create the pov effect. The user can position themselves near the image in front of a webcam to take a photo with their iconic image. The user is also able to use our software interface to input some text that will appear in the photo.

image 1

Image 1

image 2

Image 2

image 3

Image 3


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