Dodomons at Penang Mini Maker Faire

First we have the origamist, now the DODOMONS. What are Dodomons?

“Dodomons” come from the word doodle + monster. Doodle is free style drawing and together with creative and maker monster. Dodomons are in 2D cartoon format and each monster have its own characteristic and design. By using Dodomons, the learning curve are much higher and attract more attention with interaction from the kids. Dodomons promote creativity and making things for kids at early stage.

For the Dodomons Maker Book which it is going to be sold at the Maker Faire, it comes in a complete set of items used for workshop and home activity by parents with their kids. A book comes with Story + Guide + Creative + Electronic. With the story telling, there will be some projects for kids hands on activities and they will get the opportunity to learn about some doodling, crafting and simple circuit knowledge. Through the knowledge learn from Dodomons Maker Book, kids can create or design their ‘products’  and build their own project from early age.

With all needed items pack in one kit, the kids have what is needed for the activities, rather going around searching especially those hard to find items. The objectives of activities are tied together with all the family members (not just children), in order to create better relationship and education value.


Image 1


Image 2

Image 3

Image 3

Image 4

Image 4


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