Registration to run workshops is now open

Good news. We have opened up two workshop areas for those who would like to run workshops on the two days (15 and 16 November 2014) during the Penang Mini Maker Faire. Each area would be able to accommodate around 30 participants or audience and we will be providing a portable system with mic and speakers for the event.

Those who would like to hold those sessions, please register here below (if you run into any problem please email to

While the above is good news, for those Makers who would like to showcase your products, we are officially close now as the response had been overwhelmingly oversubscribed to the tune that we have to allocate and request more booth spaces from the main organizer.

Hence, the only thing we can say is that if you would like to have presence, do register for the workshop. For the workshop, we are aware of possibilities of 1 group taking too much time slot, hence we as organizer reserves the right to reject some of the applications if we have much requests, just like for the booth space.


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