Win a XBOX 360 Kinect at Penang Mini Maker Faire


Would you like to win an XBOX 360 Kinect and other wonderful prizes from Inkbox3D? If you do, join the Penang Mini Maker Faire 3D Printing Design Contest hosted by  A Singapore based start-up currently in beta, 3Dlantis provides a platform for business owners to launch online 3D design contests to discover the best 3D designs and designers. Look no further, if you have a 3D product idea which you need help to transform into reality, 3Dlantis offers you a community of student and professional designers who can help you make what you and your customers want. It’s easy to launch a contest  and you will receive dozens of design submissions which are voted upon and tested by the crowd. After the contest ends, you get to select the best designs picked by the crowd and reward the designer with cool prizes. Designers get international recognition, prizes and even cash when their best designs win your contest.

Designers – don’t wait any longer. Join the fast growing 3Dlantis community and submit your STL file for any category of art, gadget, toy, household, stationery or fashion design and make it viral by sharing to get the best votes and downloads. Try to give it a Penang theme and they’ll be looking out for that special design that’s useful and trendy at the same time. Happy making! Contest begins 27 Oct 2014 and ends on the 14th of Nov 2014!

Do visit 3Dlantis’ booth at the Penang Mini Maker Faire. They’ll be giving out some limited edition 3D printed keychains and other collectibles.

Image 2

Image 2

Here’s a sneak preview of some 3D designs you can expect to see in the 3DLANTIS design contest. These are initial submissions from the United States, as well as awesome designs by local artists. Brought to you by 3DLANTIS – connecting you with great 3D designs and designers.

3D key chain

3D key chain

Image 3

Image 3

To read more about the contest, please visit :


2 responses to “Win a XBOX 360 Kinect at Penang Mini Maker Faire

  1. How do I join, and where do I submit my design?


    • Hi, the website is not ready yet from the competition organizer. Will be posted up once ready in Penang Mini Maker Faire Facebook Page.

      Thanks !


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