Arduino Projects Showcase – Stanley Seow

The best story are the makers tell the story by themselves. Here’s what Stanley Seow about his journey of makers:

All this started when I was doing an “Arduino for Beginners” workshop in PMMF 2014.

How to cover as much Arduino basics as possible within 2 hours covering ideas, slides, concepts and also hands on labs.. in truth, you can’t.. most of the participants were stuck in IDE or have problems even installing the USB drivers..

After PMMF event, I had an idea to create an educational board called “Eduboard”. A fun and easy to learn Arduino board WITHOUT any jumpers, breadboard or figuring out how to plug LED correctly.

Below is the first prototype of prefboard..

With help from SD Liew (he was the second workshop presenter after me), we came out with the board drawings and all the necessary connections..

Necessary Component

After a few revisions, I finally made my first product – Arduino Eduboard.

Arduino Eduboard

I will be showing how I made a training product from ideas to a prototype and become an actual fabricated PCB..

After I have made the Eduboard, I’ve been doing a free 2-hour workshop for the community on Arduino for Beginners, covering the basics, driving LED and buzzers, reading analog sensors and doing a bit more advance stuff like driving LCD, 7-segments/buttons and even RF communications when time permits..


Other than the Eduboard, I will also be showing ALL my other Arduino projects like Malaysia First Open Source APRS (Ham Radio) Tracker – SVTrackR, some joint project with VK like tinyTX, Arduino UNO nRF adapters and PCB that drive a large light installation called the Bolt.

Bolt in Marine Bay
Bolt in Marine Bay, Singapore

PCB driving the Bolt project
PCB driving the Bolt project

He will be joining our faire on this coming 15th & 16th October 2016. Want to know more about his project? Visit his SVTMaker facebook page:


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