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Penang Mini Maker Faire 2016 – Feedback Survey

Hi Makers / Visitors / Participants

We would like to get your feedback on 15th &16th October 2016, Penang Mini Maker Faire at Bangunan U.A.B & PSC (Penang Science Cafe), Penang, Malaysia.

Your anonymous answers will help us to become a more effective organizer.



Once again, thank you for joining our Penang Mini Maker Faire and make it happen.

Kraf Tangan Workshop

Wow! Did you know that there are ongoing Kraf Tangan workshop happening at Penang Science Cafe which is next door of Bangunan U.A.B ? Don’t miss them! It will be happening on 10AM to 7PM tomorrow too. Pay them a visit and have great fun !!!! #pmmf2016 #pgmakerfaire #makerfaire




Kraf Tangan Workshop

Kraf Tangan is a malay word which translate as “Handicraft” in English. Penang Mini Maker Faire is supporting handmade arts and crafts created by local artists. Johnsson Ooi have help a lot and bringing back the tranditional craftsmanship . He will be giving a speech on Sunday, 16th October 2016 about the “Future of Handicraft Maker” at the stage of Bangunan U.A.B first floor, Penang.

Below are some of the list will be joining us at PSC (Penang Science Cafe):

There will be free workshop from them too! Feel free to come over and join them.

See you soon!

WeMaker LED Display – Tze Jin

A childhood dream no longer a dream when it be can fulfill. When you grow up, what will you be? Here’s an interesting journey maker about Tze Jin from WeMaker:

As a kid, I always love stuff that light up (Battle ship control panel !!) and all those colorful light setup always make me very happy.
As a maker, I also make quite a lot of simple and crazy LED projects, below are some of them that I have done over the last few months.

Acrylic LED Light Stand

Acrylic is a wonderful material to work with because it easily available, easy to process with CNC or Laser and very high transparency. And one of the fun aspect of acrylic material is the high internal reflection that enables us to do edge lit display like this.

The above project was done in 30 min for a laser cutting workshop, we showcase how to design a vector line for laser cutting and then import a bitmap image to do raster engraving on acrylic. Then we use a Arduino UNO R3 and the Adafruit Neopixel Shield (an 8×5 WS2812 programmable LED shield) to showcase how to edge lit the acrylic panel.

led-strip-display-2 led-strip-display
LED Strip Display

Lighting up a LED strip is fun, but can we combine a few LED strips together and use them to display picture or word? WeMaker explore this option and we come out a very cost effective way to run a 2000pcs of LED and use it as the display for SDCC launch event.

The above project was done with the help from KakiDIY and SVTMaker, we have tons of fun soldering lot of LED and putting them together using DIY material. The main controller is a 32 Bit Cortex-M4 Teensy. We learn a lot on timing control and power requirement on how to properly design a high speed LED circuit. This lead to a few more LED matrix projects later on.

Low Cost Arduino LED Matrix

Is there any easier and cheaper way to run a LED matrix display? Sure, there are tons of LED display you can purchase from shop nowadays, but they are quite expensive and you can’t do anything much about it other than the feature their software provided. I happen to have access to some factory rejected 16×32 LED matrix display, so I went ahead and build a low cost battery powered LED display using the low cost china clone Arduino.

The LED panel is mounted on a 3D printed frame where we also design the mounting hole for the Arduino Uno as well. Then we split the power output from the power bank to both Arduino and LED panel and using the Arduino Library from Adafruit. Apparently my cat loves bling bling LED display as well 😀

Animated GIF Display

Combining the 2 project above, how about we build a low cost open source LED display that we can program using Arduino code? Thus, the animated GIF Display was born.

This prototype is able to drive a 32×32 or 64×64 LED panel, and then read the GIF file that store in SD card and display onto the screen. I am currently still working on this project to create a nicer looking enclosure and adding more feature and hopefully can sell the as a programmable LED display kit.

Project Bolt was the collaboration between Jun Ong the artist, SVTMaker and WeMaker. We set our goal to build an interactive Big LED structure and display in Marina Bays and now in Bangsar.

The prototype was built using wood stick and we tested our Arduino setup on it. After that we assembled the 5-meter-tall structure and all the LED tube. The Structure is run on 8 Arduino Nano as Slave and 1 Arduino Nano as Master using the super long I2C connection to trigger the LED tube.

He will be joining our faire on this coming 15th & 16th October 2016. Want to know more about his project? Visit his WeMaker facebook page:

ST Maker Club – Saengthong Vitthaya School

Our neighbor country Thailand young makers will be coming to our Penang Mini Maker Faire on 15 &16 October 2016. ST Maker Club lead by  Pathanin Kiniman will be showcased total of 6 projects.

1.Scooter : Auto move while riding and stop when finding an object in front of it.
2.Change Water Machine : Change brackish water to fresh water.
3.Pet Robot : Pet under your spell using the mobile application.
4. Co-Skate: Can move by itself without manual force.
5. Happy Trash: It feels happy when you throw rubbish into it.
6. Transporter Robot: Help you carry things around.

They have made an introduction video just for you. Come and visit their booth. Perhaps they will tell you some inspired story behind each of their projects.

Get your online tickets for the faire here! Link:

KakiDIY – Johnson Lam

If the western country needs Tony Stark to build an Iron Man, Penang Mini Maker Faire definitely need Johnson Lam well known among Malaysian makers to join our faire on 15 &16 October 2016 and he did at the very beginning.


Johnson Lam the founder of KakiDIY always has been a a hardcore DIY enthusiast who builds up his skills and turn his first DIY computer business at the age of 19. In 2014, he decided to create a KakiDIY online platform for DIY enthusiasts and Maker Community to collaborate, share and provide services to others.

KakiDIY is a direct translation from a Malaysian slang “Kaki” means Buddy and also a Hokkien slang which sounds like “Yourself”. The meaning is synonymous with DIY so it was chosen to be the ‘brand’ for the site.

KakiDIY encourages people to Recycle, Reuse and Reduce waste by making them into usable items; making worthless discarded items into usable items, toys and gadgets to enhance lifestyle KakiDIY also incubated and helped passionate Makers and make them entrepreneurs.

In this year, they have helped MC Arts & Craft grew and now they are now independent and will also be exhibiting in the Penang Mini Maker Faire!

KakiDIY were in Penang Mini Maker Faire ever since the beginning of its inception. It started just as an upscale and recycle showcase previously, showcasing projects made out of recycled / reused household junks. There will be a lot of showcase from KakiDIY.

In addition, a new list of projects  such as DIY Pokeball, Vertical Planters, Cardboard Drones and and 3D Printed Drones. A fun and interesting with booth activites such as DIY VR Cardboard, Ice Cream Sticks Photo Frame and Rose makes from Pandan Leaves.

Want to know more? Feel free to visit their website:

Something About Chicken – Young Makers – Yun Zhe Group

While mobile gamers are crazy about Pokémon Go and learning the best method how to to hatch an egg faster, this group of young makers already learnt how to incubate and hatch a real egg instead. Their group consist of four persons: Wai YuXi(9),Wai YuXin(8),Hoo YunWen(12) and Hoo YunZhe(13). They will be coming for the showcase on 15th & 16th October.

Their curiosity and patience to learn such innovative invention really surprising.

Wondering how is it possible? No worries, they had made a special video on how to make one just for you!

In addition, there will be in-booth activity for visitors / participants to learn about how to create a chicken waterer too.

Feel free to visit their website: 

Chocolate Printing & Modular Closed Loop DC Motor System – Synapsis Enterprise

A 3D printer I have seen a lot, but an edible print? This is seriously my first time ever heard of it.Synapsis Enterprise will be demonstrating 3D printing by their newly developed technology for Closed Loop DC motor. They will be coming to our Penang Mini Makers Faire on 15th & 16th October 2016.

Their exhibition in faire will be collected printing and Modular Closed Loop Stepper / DC motor system.

The unique chocolate printing is using their modified DIY Mendelmax printer to extrude a chocolate paste that will print random names on the surface of muffin or bread. This is edible and is given away by them for FREE to all visitors.

While for modular closed loop stepper/DC motor, we will demonstrate that this stepper motor is able to avoid slipping when there is obstruction in its path by automatically increasing its torques. This application is the solution to 3d printer skip steps as well as CNC router.

A lot of creativity I have seen over there and this is a short blog post really makes me hungry.

For more information, please visit their website:

Hydroponics Arduino IoT Kit & Robotics training – Tertiary InfoTech

Tertiary Infotech from Singapore and Malaysia will be joining together as Makers to our Penang Mini Makers Faire on 15th & 16th October 2016.

On 11th August 2016,  our Prime Minister announced schools to start coding classes next year, programming courses become essential. Tertiary Infotech will be providing potential Robotics and Programming courses in their booth.

The good news is we are enlightened that they willing to provide a FREE two hours workshop on Scratch Programming for Rasberry Pi for visitors!

An overview of the workshop described as below:

This workshop will teach kids how to program interesting and simple Raspberry pi projects using Scratch. Each project is fun, visual, and has plenty of scope for personalization. By the end of this workshop, participants will understand and be able to use scratch programming languages, and will be able to use them to build creative programs of your own.”

Some of the Arduino IoT hydroponics Kit will be displayed in their booth too. Their prototype is to demo how to send humidity, temperature sensor to arduino nano and send the data to cloud server via a arduino wifi shield.

For more information, please visit their website:
Singapore Websites
Tertiary Courses:
Malaysia Websites
Tertiary Courses:

Arduino Projects Showcase – Stanley Seow

The best story are the makers tell the story by themselves. Here’s what Stanley Seow about his journey of makers:

All this started when I was doing an “Arduino for Beginners” workshop in PMMF 2014.

How to cover as much Arduino basics as possible within 2 hours covering ideas, slides, concepts and also hands on labs.. in truth, you can’t.. most of the participants were stuck in IDE or have problems even installing the USB drivers..

After PMMF event, I had an idea to create an educational board called “Eduboard”. A fun and easy to learn Arduino board WITHOUT any jumpers, breadboard or figuring out how to plug LED correctly.

Below is the first prototype of prefboard..

With help from SD Liew (he was the second workshop presenter after me), we came out with the board drawings and all the necessary connections..

Necessary Component

After a few revisions, I finally made my first product – Arduino Eduboard.

Arduino Eduboard

I will be showing how I made a training product from ideas to a prototype and become an actual fabricated PCB..

After I have made the Eduboard, I’ve been doing a free 2-hour workshop for the community on Arduino for Beginners, covering the basics, driving LED and buzzers, reading analog sensors and doing a bit more advance stuff like driving LCD, 7-segments/buttons and even RF communications when time permits..


Other than the Eduboard, I will also be showing ALL my other Arduino projects like Malaysia First Open Source APRS (Ham Radio) Tracker – SVTrackR, some joint project with VK like tinyTX, Arduino UNO nRF adapters and PCB that drive a large light installation called the Bolt.

Bolt in Marine Bay
Bolt in Marine Bay, Singapore

PCB driving the Bolt project
PCB driving the Bolt project

He will be joining our faire on this coming 15th & 16th October 2016. Want to know more about his project? Visit his SVTMaker facebook page: