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Oldest maker yet

A colleague of mine told me he is already 80 years young, but he is yet very passionate with what he has made. I am not able to reach him by his handphone as he does not carry them with him all the time. If I need to see him, I will have to call his house.

Wheel caps turned into artwork

Mr Khoo and the Wheel caps he collected and re-made into nice artwork

Another things is, he is very protective of his work. When he passed his work to me, one message is – to take good care of it.

Figurine made out of rattan - I am sure no else

Figurine made out of rattan – I am sure nowhere else in other Maker Faires have this

Anyway, we have many very young passionate makers in the coming Penang Mini Maker Faire, but Mr Khoo is definitely one of the older one.

Figurine 2

Figurine 2

If you are at the Penang Mini Maker Faire, please make sure to have a photo taken with him as I am pretty sure he will be there all the time.

Presentation by SD Liew – Arduino Platform

Arduino board presentation

This presentation is suitable for people who are interested in making your own Arduino board, have written Arduino sketches, and have electronics background.

The presentation begins with an explanation of how the Arduino UNO board works, then demonstrate how to run Arduino sketches with only the Atmel328P microcontroller, a crystal, and a couple of capacitors. The function of all the pins on Atmel328P are explained as well as how the Atmel32P pins are connected to the Arduion board. The presentation will continue with explaining how the Arduino board is powered, and making your own Arduino board. Two examples of Arduino boards designed for specific purposes will be used for demonstrations in this presentation.

Ardunio + Zigbee presentation

The following is the writeup for the Ardunio + Zigbee presentation:

This presentation is suitable for people who would like to work on Zigbee devices, interface Xbee with Arduino, and have written some Arduino sketches.

The presentation begins with explanation of Zigbee topologies, the different Xbee series, and the different types of Xbee modules. The two Xbee modes of operation, API and Transparent modes, are explained. X-CTU will be used to demonstrate how to read and change the Xbee settings, followed by communicating and controlling Xbee module over the air. DYI Xbee devices will be used in the demonstrations for controlling lighting and power plug for Home Automation.

DSC_0027 1DSC_0023 1

An ancient art of assembling a beautiful Tsuru

For the Japanese, the crane—or tsuru—is considered a national treasure, appearing in art, literature, and folklore. The Japanese regard the crane as a symbol of good fortune and longevity because of its fabled life span of a thousand years. Bernice Lau, who hails from Singapore, aspires for a thousand cranes to come together through teaching people this ancient Japanese craft of putting tsurus together by assembling treated fish bones of a fish head.  Come visit Bernice at the Penang Mini Maker Faire as she exhibits and shares this intriguing yet beautiful pieces of art.


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Tech-Creative Music and Art

“What happened when Technology & Music / Arts meet?  Come & see how you can connect, compose and record your music just with iPad & iPhone?  Or you can draw do a painting on an iPad?’”

image002 image003


Tech – Music :

Tech – Arts :

Come and visit them during Penang Mini Maker Faire to learn more about “What happened when Technology & Music / Arts meet? “

Grow your own and recycle the natural way

Ever wondered how you can do home gardening?  Learn how you can grow your own vegetables, turn kitchen waste into fertilizer, do your bit for the environment by reducing the amount of wastage that goes into the land fill, and at the end of the day, save some money.  
This is also a great way to teach children grow food and recycling.  Come and talk to Zab and Aslinda at their booth at the PMMF’14 to learn how they did this.
Also visit their blog at

Recycle, Reduce and Reuse – the KakiDIY way

KakiDIY is an online space for DIY enthusiasts to collaborate, share and provide services to others. The name KakiDIY is a direct translation from a Malaysian slang “Kaki” means Buddy and also a Hokkien slang which sounds like “Yourself”. The meaning is synonymous with DIY so it was chosen to be the ‘brand’ for the site.

Recycle, Reduce and Reuse are the core of KakiDIY’s projects. Here are some examples of making things from things you see around you.


Recycle :

Recycling old used items which usually been thrown away as wastes. KakiDIY made simple storage containers out of Floppy Disks, Cubicle racks out of Cardboard Boxes and Stationery Holders out of paper drink carriers.


Reduce :

Many ways of reducing carbon footprint. What is healthier than cycling as a transport and what if the bicycle is battery operated and self chargeable via solar power? KakiDIY modified this foldable A-framed bicycle just to do that. Show cased in the recent car-free morning in KL, These bikes can go 10km distance @ a top speed of 30km/h in a single charge!


Reuse :

Many household and industrial items can be reused. Silica Gel for example can be fried and reused again and again. Usable for camera dry boxes and other electronic gadget storage.



Like these ideas? KakiDIY will be making it’s Maker Faire debut with more of these DIYs and will have a fun photo booth for visitors to have a little commemorative Maker Faire souvenir uploaded directly to Facebook at our booth. Also some fun activities for kids and adults alike.

Follow KakiDIY on facebook :

iMAKE 3D – First 3D Printer Retail Store in Penang

Newly opened on April 2014, iMake3D is the first 3d printer retail store in Penang.

Located at 1B-G-21 One Precinct, Lengkok Mayang Pasir, Bayan Baru 11950 Penang.


Established in 2012, the company was created to embark on a 3D printing quest to learn and understand the full potential and capabilities of its technology. Later on acquired the UP 3D printers by PP3DP, Tiertime and became northern regions exclusive re-seller providing sales service and technical support solutions.

The store offers a variety range of 3D printers to meet your needs and demands such as HotHardware Recommended UP Mini, Makezine’s Best in Class UP Plus 2 and New Arrival UP Box and more.

iMake3D aims to “Make It Real” with 3D printing by creating the awareness on how 3d printing can revolutionize and influence not just in manufacturing, but also a technology that is able to adapt in almost every industry in today’s Malaysia consumer and commercial market segment.


“Make It Real” is not just a tagline but is its mission statement. 3D printing gives them a future of unlimited possibilities.

“We are very keen and excited to have the first ever Maker Faire and to have it right at our hometown backyard Penang.”, according to the company.

During this event, iMake3D will be displaying UP’s new 3D printer i.e. UP Box by Tiertime.

This product will be a launching pad for a BETTER, EASIER & FASTER 3D printer comparing to its previous three UP models.




Win a XBOX 360 Kinect at Penang Mini Maker Faire


Would you like to win an XBOX 360 Kinect and other wonderful prizes from Inkbox3D? If you do, join the Penang Mini Maker Faire 3D Printing Design Contest hosted by  A Singapore based start-up currently in beta, 3Dlantis provides a platform for business owners to launch online 3D design contests to discover the best 3D designs and designers. Look no further, if you have a 3D product idea which you need help to transform into reality, 3Dlantis offers you a community of student and professional designers who can help you make what you and your customers want. It’s easy to launch a contest  and you will receive dozens of design submissions which are voted upon and tested by the crowd. After the contest ends, you get to select the best designs picked by the crowd and reward the designer with cool prizes. Designers get international recognition, prizes and even cash when their best designs win your contest.

Designers – don’t wait any longer. Join the fast growing 3Dlantis community and submit your STL file for any category of art, gadget, toy, household, stationery or fashion design and make it viral by sharing to get the best votes and downloads. Try to give it a Penang theme and they’ll be looking out for that special design that’s useful and trendy at the same time. Happy making! Contest begins 27 Oct 2014 and ends on the 14th of Nov 2014!

Do visit 3Dlantis’ booth at the Penang Mini Maker Faire. They’ll be giving out some limited edition 3D printed keychains and other collectibles.

Image 2

Image 2

Here’s a sneak preview of some 3D designs you can expect to see in the 3DLANTIS design contest. These are initial submissions from the United States, as well as awesome designs by local artists. Brought to you by 3DLANTIS – connecting you with great 3D designs and designers.

3D key chain

3D key chain

Image 3

Image 3

To read more about the contest, please visit :

Dodomons at Penang Mini Maker Faire

First we have the origamist, now the DODOMONS. What are Dodomons?

“Dodomons” come from the word doodle + monster. Doodle is free style drawing and together with creative and maker monster. Dodomons are in 2D cartoon format and each monster have its own characteristic and design. By using Dodomons, the learning curve are much higher and attract more attention with interaction from the kids. Dodomons promote creativity and making things for kids at early stage.

For the Dodomons Maker Book which it is going to be sold at the Maker Faire, it comes in a complete set of items used for workshop and home activity by parents with their kids. A book comes with Story + Guide + Creative + Electronic. With the story telling, there will be some projects for kids hands on activities and they will get the opportunity to learn about some doodling, crafting and simple circuit knowledge. Through the knowledge learn from Dodomons Maker Book, kids can create or design their ‘products’  and build their own project from early age.

With all needed items pack in one kit, the kids have what is needed for the activities, rather going around searching especially those hard to find items. The objectives of activities are tied together with all the family members (not just children), in order to create better relationship and education value.


Image 1


Image 2

Image 3

Image 3

Image 4

Image 4

Circle of Light

This is a fun photo-taking opportunity with a light painting of a famous icon or avatar (e.g. batman logo, hello kitty) of the user’s own choosing. The painting is created with LEDs using a persistence of vision technique.

Long description:
We are creating an interactive installation which runs along the concept of an entertainment photo booth. The user chooses an iconic image such as Hello Kitty or Mario the plumber from a computer screen which will then be created as a live persistence of vision (pov) image using leds. The leds consist of a strip of lights mounted on a windmill-like structure which will rotate the leds to create the pov effect. The user can position themselves near the image in front of a webcam to take a photo with their iconic image. The user is also able to use our software interface to input some text that will appear in the photo.

image 1

Image 1

image 2

Image 2

image 3

Image 3